Good. Simplified.

We all want to do more but no one has bottomless pockets or time. We have brief moments scattered throughout a day where we're waiting for a friend to show up for coffee, or for The League to come back on, or for the light to turn green. Stand4 has simplified everything so that in those brief moments, your impact can be made. 


Keep Your Change.


Like many, we wanted to change the world, but we didn't have any money. Classic. So we partnered with 4 major companies to tackle 4 major projects (like providing 50,000 meals to children need) and you can help us get there by donating just 0¢ a day. Making an impact on the world shouldn't always require your wallet or a bunch of volunteering. Sometimes giving a child a cup of clean water should be as easy as drinking a beer.  Our partners agree.  So they donate on your behalf every time you perform easy challenges on our app. It's truly the simplest way to change the world. And you can do it daily. Without ever donating. 


Stand4 is the future of charity.
— Rob Johnson
It’s the first app I use every morning.
— Alex S.
I love the fact that I don’t need my wallet to make a difference.
— Christy N.
How could I complain? I literally ate a bag of oreo’s to give a child clean water.
— Greg M.